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We has developed Agriculture Information System (AIS) using AI/ML Techniques On Different Data Sources, To Generate A Spatial Database Of Agriculture Attributes Such As Crop Type And Land Use Land Cover.

  • Agriculture Intelligence
  • Climate Change
  • Crop Insurance
  • Development Planning

Smart City

We Has Developed Agriculture Information System (AIS) using AI/ML Techniques On Different Data Sources.

  • Reality Modelling
  • 3D Modelling
  • Simulations


SkyMap Global uses Machine Learning algorithms to generate clusters of pixels having close association for forest spatial extent mapping and acreage estimation. This is further supported by information from collateral sources and the observations made during ground truthing.

  • Forest Mapping
  • Change Detection
  • Web Based Information Management


Our G-WING Vertical take off and landing drones does not need a large area of taking off and landing, which would be perfect for mining area mapping and monitoring. Have a look at some of the services we provide
  • Survey with confidence and accuracy
  • Reduce operational risk
  • Gather accurate stockpile measurements and information
  • Project status with change detection
  • Ease of application process
  • Land use change monitoring


Skymap Global Provides Geospatial Based Solutions And Services In The Areas Of Infrastructure Planning, Mapping And Monitoring, Take A Look Below For Some Of Our Solutions.

  • Monitor your assets remotely
  • Track the progress of your infrastructure
  • Building height change detection
  • Monitor growth of infrastructure and urbanisation
  • House and town planning
  • Road transport network planning
  • Identify topographic issues
  • City change detection
  • Building footprint and road extraction services

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