Crop Insurance – Remote Sensing

Agricultural insurance is salient, particularly in agrarian societies, like China, where the economy is heavily dependant on its agricultural exports. Githaiga (2010) illustrates the importance of such schemes in nations like Kenya which is frequented by rampant fluctuations in weather conditions like ‘droughts, floods, hailstorms, excessive rainfall, frost, lightning, and landslides’. To add on to

Introducing the G-Wing UAV Imagery Platform

What is drone imagery? Today’s rapidly growing economic and cultural landscape demands the use of high-resolution UAV Imagery and cutting-edge remote sensing. This is crucial for leaders in governments and private enterprises to make the right decisions. From economic development to disaster management, infrastructure to national security, information is power. At SkyMap Global, we’re excited

SkyMap Global Awarded Google Maps APIs Premier Partner

SkyMap Global gets awarded the Google Maps APIs premier partner title in India and South East Asia The Premier partner title is a reflection of demonstrated capability and expertise with helping businesses implement Google Maps APIs in their applications Google has awarded SkyMap Global with the Premier partner title for Google Maps APIs. It was

What is Remote Sensing?

What is remote sensing? Remote sensing, simply put, is the art and science of acquiring information about our Earth using remote instruments. These instruments do not require direct contact with the environment it is engaging with. We experience our lives through our five senses. Some of these senses (taste and touch), require direct contact with our


Through remote sensing there is now prominent potential towards accurate estimation of surface soil moisture. There are conventional methods of measuring soil moisture directly at selected locations but may not be applicable where estimations are required at a global scale. Studies conducted utilized ERS-2 SAR images for estimating soil mixture by meticulously incorporating the effect

Remote Sensing – Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring

The Role of Remote Sensing in Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring Everyone is familiar with the location of their local gas station. It is also most likely your home is being warmed by heating oil or natural gas. But did you know that these products travel extremely long distances from refineries and natural gas plants

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