Google Maps APIs and the Utilities Sector

The struggle to battle climate change has never proven to be more difficult. Despite having numerous benefits, the accelerated economic growth in 2017 had adverse effects in one particular domain- global energy-related carbon emissions. Fueled by a strong economic growth, the global energy demand rose by 2.1% (equivalent to 14050 million tonnes of oil). This

The Asia IOT Business Platform 2018 – Manilla

The Asia IOT Business Platform 2018 event was organized with the purpose of focusing on concrete discussions between IoT solution providers and end users to address key challenges and pain points in implementing IoT in businesses. The 2-day event, held from the 26th – 27th of April was a huge success for the SkyMap Global

Forest Fire Monitoring with Remote Sensing

Forest fires are major disasters that destroy many forest resources and damage the ecological environment. For millenniums, Forest and wildland fires have been taking place and shaping landscape structures, patterns and even the species composition of ecosystems. These fires are considered important for natural ecological processes initiating natural exercises of vegetation succession. However, artificially planting

SkyMap Global at the Google Cloud Summit 2018 in Mumbai

At SkyMap Global, we have powered our infrastructure using the capabilities of the cloud. Processing, analysis and deriving insights from imagery have become easier thanks to the scalable compute power of the cloud. We have since hosted applications and solutions on the cloud to make the analysis of imagery easier and faster for our end-users.

Infrastructure Monitoring – A Case Study

At SkyMap Global, our mission is to help businesses and government agencies leverage remote sensing technology to gain critical insights while keeping it affordable yet efficient. Our team built a solution for the state government of Arunachal Pradesh that leverages satellite imagery, the internet and the power of a smartphone to help personnel monitor infrastructure

Remote Sensing Applications in the Financial Sector

Weather as a Commodity A surging increase in weather and spatial data demands within the financial and banking fraternity has led remote sensing data to pave its way into the world’s financial capitals. Hedge Funds now employ a variety of techniques to track weather fluctuation in order to get a cutting edge over competitors and

The Fight Against Illegal Fishing

According to the EARSC, around 15% of the global population depends on seafood as their only food supply. Ship detection from remote sensing imagery is a valuable tool for maritime security which includes, among other marine traffic surveillance, the protection against illegal fisheries, sea pollution damage control, and oil spill monitoring. Large-scale Illegal fishing happens

Why Open Access Data is Crucial For Developing Countries

In any developing country, there cannot be an improvement in the science base without open access data. Countries need the infrastructure to support the positive change and improvements they wish to create. A 1982 UNESCO report states that “assimilation of scientific and technological information is an essential precondition for progress in developing countries”. In many

Google Maps APIs – Travel Industry

In the year 2015 alone, the travel and tourism industry contributed to more than US $ 10 trillion to the global economy. In addition to this, in the following year, the industry remained unaffected by the drastic changes in the political climate and the increases in terrorist activities, and went on to further contribute to

SkyMap Global at NESAC
SkyMap Global showcases at the NESAC Conference

A 2-day seminar on ‘Advances in RS & GIS ‘ organized at NESAC on 10th & 11th May 2018 jointly by ISRS, ISG, NESAC, NEHU. The NESAC conference focused on bringing people from the  Remote Sensing and GIS industry to showcase their solutions and capabilities in solving some of the toughest challenges in the North

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