Oceanography – Remote Sensing

Introduction In today’s age, remote sensing has become crucial in the interpretation of data from multiple fields. In this blog post, we are primarily going to be addressing one such field – Oceanography. Since the birth of the space age in the 1950s – developments in the satellite remote sensing field, along with the increasing


So, What is Machine Learning? As you go through the web, you are bound to have come across the term machine-learning. Today’s news is, in fact, bombarded with new studies and discoveries of applications revolving around this ‘overused’ term. So what exactly is it? In its essence, Machine Learning is the unique science of getting

Google Maps APIs Use Cases – A Force Inspiring Change

We have all used Google Maps at some point of time in our lives. While we may not all be dependent on the tool, I’m sure we all have a sense of how amazingly useful it is. This Google Maps APIs Use Cases article will introduce you to some use cases that have brought a

The Power of Daily Monitoring

In today’s day and age when we are collectively dealing with a multitude of issues ranging from resource use and conservation to terrorism, daily monitoring is a game changer. The information and dynamics captured through on a repeated daily basis literally lets us see how our ecosystem works and the way we impact it. Whether

SkyMap Global ties up with IIT Patna to apply Deep Learning on Geospatial Data

SkyMap Global has signed a technological partnership with Indian Institute of Technology, Patna to explore, research and integrate Deep learning into products and services. This partnership will facilitate knowledge sharing, build expertise and ultimately solve complex problems for end users. The partnership and the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) were signed with the Artificial Intelligence-Natural Language

Safetrax Makes Transportation Safe & Smart using Google Maps

Transportation in the IT sector has been mostly manual – mired with inefficiencies and safety concerns, which the team behind Safetrax sought to address. How? By providing a transport automation platform that makes the entire transportation process smarter and eliminates inefficiencies. safetrax-google-maps-routingOne of the main ingredients to their transportation automation platform is the use of

SkyMap Global Launches Automated Building Footprint Extraction Services

Our research team in Vietnam led by Dr Thang Tran Ngoc has recently been successful in generating Automated Building Footprint from High-Resolution Satellite Imagery. At SkyMap Global, we have been relentlessly working on developing and refining this solution using Deep learning Algorithms. We plan on launching this product for the commercial market by the end

Crop Insurance – Remote Sensing

Agricultural insurance is salient, particularly in agrarian societies, like China, where the economy is heavily dependant on its agricultural exports. Githaiga (2010) illustrates the importance of such schemes in nations like Kenya which is frequented by rampant fluctuations in weather conditions like ‘droughts, floods, hailstorms, excessive rainfall, frost, lightning, and landslides’. To add on to

Introducing the G-Wing UAV Imagery Platform

What is drone imagery? Today’s rapidly growing economic and cultural landscape demands the use of high-resolution UAV Imagery and cutting-edge remote sensing. This is crucial for leaders in governments and private enterprises to make the right decisions. From economic development to disaster management, infrastructure to national security, information is power. At SkyMap Global, we’re excited

SkyMap Global Awarded Google Maps APIs Premier Partner

SkyMap Global gets awarded the Google Maps APIs premier partner title in India and South East Asia The Premier partner title is a reflection of demonstrated capability and expertise with helping businesses implement Google Maps APIs in their applications Google has awarded SkyMap Global with the Premier partner title for Google Maps APIs. It was

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