Google Maps APIs and the Utilities Sector

The struggle to battle climate change has never proven to be more difficult. Despite having numerous benefits, the accelerated economic growth in 2017 had adverse effects in one particular domain- global energy-related carbon emissions. Fueled by a strong economic growth, the global energy demand rose by 2.1% (equivalent to 14050 million tonnes of oil). This

SkyMap Global at the Google Cloud Summit 2018 in Mumbai

At SkyMap Global, we have powered our infrastructure using the capabilities of the cloud. Processing, analysis and deriving insights from imagery have become easier thanks to the scalable compute power of the cloud. We have since hosted applications and solutions on the cloud to make the analysis of imagery easier and faster for our end-users.

Google Maps APIs – Travel Industry

In the year 2015 alone, the travel and tourism industry contributed to more than US $ 10 trillion to the global economy. In addition to this, in the following year, the industry remained unaffected by the drastic changes in the political climate and the increases in terrorist activities, and went on to further contribute to

Develop Interactive Mapping – With Google Maps

Map your customer’s journey While we all connect to our local surroundings in a unique way, Google Maps – a single platform driven by location capabilities, has made it possible for each one of us to experience this the way we want. This sophisticated platform covers 99% of the world. And guess what? More than 1 billion

Google Maps for the Telecommunications Industry

Here’s an interesting thought – The word telecommunication comes from a Greek prefix tele, which means distant, and the Latin word communicare, which means to share. Telecommunications is a MAMMOTH industry. Plain and simple, that is the easiest way to describe it. According to a Deloitte-published 2017 report, an investment of $130-$150 billion could be

Google Maps APIs Use Cases – A Force Inspiring Change

We have all used Google Maps at some point of time in our lives. While we may not all be dependent on the tool, I’m sure we all have a sense of how amazingly useful it is. This Google Maps APIs Use Cases article will introduce you to some use cases that have brought a

Safetrax Makes Transportation Safe & Smart using Google Maps

Transportation in the IT sector has been mostly manual – mired with inefficiencies and safety concerns, which the team behind Safetrax sought to address. How? By providing a transport automation platform that makes the entire transportation process smarter and eliminates inefficiencies. safetrax-google-maps-routingOne of the main ingredients to their transportation automation platform is the use of

SkyMap Global Awarded Google Maps APIs Premier Partner

SkyMap Global gets awarded the Google Maps APIs premier partner title in India and South East Asia The Premier partner title is a reflection of demonstrated capability and expertise with helping businesses implement Google Maps APIs in their applications Google has awarded SkyMap Global with the Premier partner title for Google Maps APIs. It was

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