The Asia IOT Business Platform 2018 – Manilla

The Asia IOT Business Platform 2018 event was organized with the purpose of focusing on concrete discussions between IoT solution providers and end users to address key challenges and pain points in implementing IoT in businesses. The 2-day event, held from the 26th – 27th of April was a huge success for the SkyMap Global

Infrastructure Monitoring – A Case Study

At SkyMap Global, our mission is to help businesses and government agencies leverage remote sensing technology to gain critical insights while keeping it affordable yet efficient. Our team built a solution for the state government of Arunachal Pradesh that leverages satellite imagery, the internet and the power of a smartphone to help personnel monitor infrastructure

SkyMap Global ties up with IIT Patna to apply Deep Learning on Geospatial Data

SkyMap Global has signed a technological partnership with Indian Institute of Technology, Patna to explore, research and integrate Deep learning into products and services. This partnership will facilitate knowledge sharing, build expertise and ultimately solve complex problems for end users. The partnership and the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) were signed with the Artificial Intelligence-Natural Language

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