The Fight Against Illegal Fishing

According to the EARSC, around 15% of the global population depends on seafood as their only food supply. Ship detection from remote sensing imagery is a valuable tool for maritime security which includes, among other marine traffic surveillance, the protection against illegal fisheries, sea pollution damage control, and oil spill monitoring. Large-scale Illegal fishing happens

Why Open Access Data is Crucial For Developing Countries

In any developing country, there cannot be an improvement in the science base without open access data. Countries need the infrastructure to support the positive change and improvements they wish to create. A 1982 UNESCO report states that “assimilation of scientific and technological information is an essential precondition for progress in developing countries”. In many

Healthcare industry – Adding Value Through Google Maps

Healthcare sector stakeholders across the world are looking for innovative and cost-effective solutions to deliver technology enabled “smart” health care to patients, both, inside and outside the boundaries of the hospital. Public and private hospitals and healthcare systems have been facing serious revenue strains and declining margins for years. Smart Health Care What the healthcare

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