Monitor your assets remotely

Wherever your business is operation, remotely monitor your assets using satellite images. Detect encroachment, monitor right of way, plan for expansion/relocation all through remote sensing data.
Detect new roads and buildings around your asset that may affect your business and respond faster

Track the progress of your infrastructure

With periodic acquisition of images, we are able to track the progress of your assets and monitor encroachment, see if work is being done in the stipulated time and make better decisions. With our change detection algorithms, identify area of change.
Check the extent of damage on your infrastructure in case of emergency to plan your next move

Building height change detection

Using our reality models, detect and visualise height changes over a course of time on your infrastructure.

Monitor growth of infrastructure and urbanisation

Using our building footprint and road detection algorithms detect how the growth of infrastructure happens, and where the growth is heading to, plan for new infrastructure or markets to go to in new and upcoming regions

House and town planning

Traditional methods of urban infrastructure planning usually requires tedious field work. By incorporating a more data driven decision making process, landscape planners/city planners can make planning more effective using our imagery solutions

Road transport network planning

Using our road detection algorithms, automatically get the existing road networks, and plan for new road constructions. With our building footprint extraction services, detect the existing buildings and plan for a more efficient road network.

Identify topographic issues

Identify topographic issues Using our imagery services, identify and assess potential issues that may arise before construction takes place

City change detection

Remotely monitor changes in your city, and with our change detection algorithms automatically highlight all the changes that has taken place.

Building footprint and road extraction services

Using our building footprint and road extraction algorithms, automatically get 2d geometric edges of buildings and road networks
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